New Year's Swing party with live band and DJ

Saturday 8 January 2021

De Nieuwe Anita


live band starts 21:30 sharp!

Entrance only € 8,00 TICKETS HERE

LIVE Torello's Jive Bugs


Charley Rhythm


PLUS best Cocktail bar in town!
Many many kinds of special beer and friendly staff. Dancefloor - lounge corner etc etc. GREAT ATMOSPHERE.

Torello's Jive Bugs


This 9 piece band is known for its fourties outfits and bring a energetic show with the best vintage style Jive, Swing and Rock & Roll!


They are bound to to make you swing all nite long!


Swing Sinners

A Vintage and Retro Rockin' Swinging Party for Hepcats and Kittens.

Get ready for a retrolicious, fun-tastic, glamorous and sexy (with a wink) underground all-nite event with All flavours of Swing Music, Rock & Roll, Gypsy Exotica and more 'Jivey' influences.


C'mon all you divas, mobsters & gunmolls, rascals & flapper babes: dress up Roaring 20s, flashy 40s. Rockin' Fifties Think Great Gatsby, Charlie Chaplin, Boardwalk Empire, Peaky Blinders, Moulin Rouge, Betty Boop and Happy Days. Although everyone gets into the party, it enhances the atmosphere greatly if you make an effort dressing the part!



Some background info on Swing Sinners:
The name was inspired by this wonderful animated short from 1930, especially the second half goes mad and surreal!

Also there was a time and place where Swing dancing wasn't allowed and went underground... it was sinful, see the movie Swing Kids for more. Furthermore some swing fans will think of the small amount of Electro Swing we play as sinful... But no worries, just enjoy..!

The Retrolicious deejays are the resident deejays of organisor Madame Risquée who has brought several burlesque parties and other retro entertainment to you.

The Retrolicious deejays (who bring you Swing Sinners) think of the Roaring Twenties 'till the turbulent Fifties, not as a black and white movie, but as a colorful era where many a great development took place in the arts, music parties! At Swing Sinners you will experience the power of the originals but also warm and exciting retro sounds!


Bookings welcome!:


Pics of past Swing Sinners: